What Are Some Things That Haven't Been Invented Yet?

things-haven-t-invented-yet Credit: Innocenti/Cultura/Getty Images

A few examples of inventions that have not made it to the market yet are robotic insects, injections without needles, clothing that serves as a gadget, tissue regeneration and a house that walks. Future inventions like these could improve industries such as health care and communication.

University of California researchers implanted wireless technology in beetles in order to direct their whereabouts. This was previously done with moths until researchers discovered the process was easier to do with beetles. Scientists are able to control many aspects of the movement of these insects, including take-off, hovering and following a given path.

Needle-free injections could one day make administering medication less painful. The concept uses a technique called microporation to deliver the medication through the skin and into the body. Laser technology makes it possible. The device would be held by the hand while a laser created micropores in the skin, allowing the medicine to pass through.

Stanford University researchers are investigating the possibility of using textiles as gadgets. Equipping articles of clothing with electrically conducted carbon fibers may allow them to perform a variety of tasks done by technology, such as communication or surfing the Internet.

Devices capable of regenerating tissue would advance the areas of wound care in the medical field.