What Are Some of the Theories Regarding the Construction of the Great Sphinx?


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One of the theories to explain the purpose and symbolism behind the construction of the Great Sphinx at Giza is that it was built to guard the tombs of the pharaohs buried nearby. Support for this theory is based on the symbolism of lions as guardian figures and the monument's body of a lion with a human head, presumably that of a pharaoh. Another theory suggests that the Sphinx was erected by the Egyptian Pharaoh Djedefre to identify his father, Pharaoh Khufu, with the Sun god, Ra, and honor the family dynasty.

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Outside of the mainstream archaeological hypotheses, the Orion correlation theory notes that the positioning of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau correspond to the positions occupied by the stars in the Orion and Leo constellations in 10500 B.C.

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