What Are Some Facts About Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States, becoming known as a "trust buster" for his fight against industrial monopolies, and focusing much of his time on conservationist policies. For his role in ending the Russo-Japanese War, Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Roosevelt was born in 1858 and attended Harvard College. His first forays into politics were in the New York State Assembly, where he served two terms. After an unsuccessful campaign for mayor of New York City in 1886, Roosevelt held several bureaucratic positions, culminating in his position as assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy.

During the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt led his "Rough Riders" into Cuba, most notably in the costly battle of San Juan. Roosevelt became a war hero for his service, and was soon elected as the governor of New York. In the election of 1900, Roosevelt was the running mate, and later vice president, of William McKinley. After McKinley's death, Roosevelt became president.

Roosevelt was notable for battling industrial trusts, culminating in the wide-scale enforcement of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Roosevelt also created 200 million acres of national forests and reserves. Rather than continue the isolationism of previous presidents, Roosevelt championed the rise of the United States as a world power, most notably in his creation of the Panama Canal and in his diplomatic activities during the Russo-Japanese War.