What Is the Tesla Generator Scam?

Tesla generator scams are schemes to sell blueprints, plans or kits to build devices allegedly capable of providing free electricity to homeowners. These scams claim to provide the means by which homeowners can build generators that convert the infinite supply of radiant energy that exists in the atmosphere into free electricity without the need for additional fuel. Tesla generator schemes cite U.S. Patent Number 685,957, entitled “Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy,” as proof of their claims.

Tesla generator schemes claim that Nikola Tesla patented such a generator using an antenna that charged a capacitor which produced an electric current when it discharged. The current produced by Tesla’s generator was sufficient to wirelessly power a number of devices. There is an infinite supply of radiant energy that the Earth receives via constant bombardment of solar and cosmic rays and stores.

The secret to Tesla’s generator lies in using quality materials to build a capacitor that does not sustain damage when it discharges, and an antenna that provides a sufficient, constant current. Most Tesla scams introduce improvements to the antenna or capacitor design or materials, additional circuits and other means of directing the electricity produced. These scams usually claim that a government conspiracy involving the power companies keeps this information from the public.

In reality, Tesla’s theories have a degree of scientific merit but there is currently no means by which the energy in the atmosphere can be harnessed or converted in sufficient amounts to power modern electrical devices, as of 2015.