How Does Technology Make Life Easier?

How Does Technology Make Life Easier?

Technology makes life easier through a number of developments, including telemedicine, augmented reality, product service systems and the creation of more efficient city designs. Developments in technology allow humans a range of opportunities to make life easier, more sustainable and more comfortable, according to Christian Sager for Stuff of Genius from HowStuffWorks.

Advancements in telecommunication technology have improved access to medical resources and information, especially for doctors in rural or disadvantaged areas. Physicians can communicate with experts from all over the world, improving patients' diagnoses and treatment without the need to travel.

Augmented reality refers to the process of using digital information to improve navigation of the real world. With technologies such as Google Glass and smartphone applications, augmented reality allows users to access a wealth of information on the fly. Map tools help facilitate transportation, whether it is on a bike or the subway, while other apps help users locate nearby stores or services.

Technology is also increasingly helping consumers transform products into services. Developments in communications and social media let users save money by sharing things they could previously only buy, such as cars, bikes, tools and even clothes.

Technology is also improving numerous aspects of urban infrastructure, from public transportation to water and power management. Modern cities are increasingly utilizing technology to maximize their use of public resources through more efficient monitoring of power consumption and the streamlining of train and bus routes.