How has technology changed over time?


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Over time, technology has changed to allow people to communicate more quickly and efficiently; it has become the ultimate mode of convenience for people who wish to perform tasks that would have taken a long time in the past. Technology has gone from a means to make difficult tasks easier to a means for making easy tasks easier.

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How has technology changed over time?
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Technology has always been a present force acting in the world. It started out as simple things like tools that were created by the most primitive humans and evolved into other tools that made life easier for the people who created them. In the mid 20th century, the technological advances began to boom. People realized that computers were the way of the future and would make life easier for anyone who used them. Scientists, engineers and computer enthusiasts began to look for new ways to make computers do tasks that would normally be done by humans. This technology eventually led to the introduction of the Internet and wireless communication. Cell phones, laptops and tablets are a result of constant technological evolution. They are the ultimate in communication and allow people to stay connected with friends and loved ones at all times; something that would be impossible without technology.

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