Which Technological Advances Were Credited to the Assyrians?

technological-advances-were-credited-assyrians Credit: RABOUAN Jean-Baptiste / hemis.fr/hemis.fr/Getty Images

The technological advances that were credited to the Assyrians include extended irrigation systems, improvements to bronze casting, better equipment for fetching water from wells, improvements in military technology and street restorations. Many of these innovations were brought about during the rule of Sennacherib.

Using prisoners of war for labor, Sennacherib beautified Nineveh, the residence of Assyrian royalty. A ruler in the ninth century B.C., Sennacherib ordered the design and building of streets, restored and extended public buildings, and erected two rows of walls to protect his kingdom with technological innovations. Sennacherib had a great interest in the beauty of planting and vegetation, so he created an irrigation system for bringing water to his area.

When the Tigris and Khosr Rivers fell too low, Sennacherib found springs and streams in the hills north of Nineveh and siphoned water from them via 6 miles of canal and a massive stone aqueduct. This system incorporated tunnels and pipes made of clay, and the construction created a more direct line between source and outlet. Sennacherib also introduced wartime innovations like sappers, which are soldiers responsible for military labor like building, repairing and laying mines and siege engines. These were machines used to help soldiers overcome city walls during battle.