Who Was Targeted As an Enemy of President Nixon?


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President Richard Nixon's "enemies list" was an informal list of Nixon's political enemies that included businessmen, film executives, philanthropists, professors, politicians and journalists. According to the White House Counsel's office, the purpose of the list was to harass Nixon's enemies through IRS tax audits.

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The 20 names on the original list are Arnold Picker, Alexander E. Barkan, Edwin Guthman, Maxwell Dane, Charles Dyson, Howard Stein, Allard Lowenstein, Morton Halperin, Leonard Woodcock, S. Sterling Munro, Jr., Bernard T. Feld, Sidney Davidoff, John Conyers, Samuel M. Lambert, Stewart Rawlings Mott, Ron Dellums, Daniel Schorr, S. Harrison Dogole, Paul Newman and Mary McGrory. White House Counsel Charles Colson sent the list via memorandum to John Dean on Sept. 9, 1971.

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