What was the system of government in the Southern Colonies?


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The two systems of government in the Southern Colonies were Royal and Proprietary. The Royal Government was under the direct rule of the English Monarchy, while the Proprietary Government was ruled by one or several proprietors who owned the land and made the laws.

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What was the system of government in the Southern Colonies?
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There were three types of government in Colonial America, namely Royal, Charter and Proprietary. A colony could be referred to as a Royal Colony, a Charter Colony or a Proprietary Colony. A Royal Colony was ruled directly by the King and was subject to his demands. A Charter Colony was organized according to the provisions in its charter. A Proprietary Colony was owned by an individual or an elite group, called proprietors, who appointed the governors in the colony and established the laws.

The Southern Colonies were made up of Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Maryland was the only Proprietary colony in the South. The rest of the Southern Colonies were under a Royal government. The most important government official in the colonies was the Colonial Governor. He was appointed by the king in the Royal Colonies and chosen by the proprietors in the Proprietary Colonies. The administration of government in the Southern Colonies was at county level.

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