The Story of Melchizedek: The Biblical Bromance We Could Learn a Lot From

Photo Courtesy: Photo Josse/Leemage/Getty Images

Few in human history could be called priest in addition to king. Melchizedek — pronounced "mel-keys-uh-deck" — may be the earliest recorded instance of that king. The Jewish people, Christians and those who practice Islam all acknowledge the story of Melchizedek in some way other another, but like many other figures in the Bible, the interpretations can vary and get a little extreme.

The story of Melchizedek in the Bible itself is a rather brief one. Yet, like other instances in the Bible, the variants in the ways this story is interpreted stretch across the board. With very limited information about Melchizedek — not even a birthday in the Jewish calendar — interpretations of the story of Melchizedek range from an explanation of why we do certain rituals within Mass/the church to a The Davinci Code level of cult-like behaviors that might surprise you. One part explanatory history and other parts conspiracy, the story of Melchizedek is a lesser-worn gem.