Who Started Christianity?

According to scholars, it is believed that it is Jesus Christ who started Christianity after he chose the 12 apostles who were referred to as "Christians." Jesus was Jewish and first preached to a Jewish audience before the gentiles started joining his movement. Typically, Christianity is based on the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus's teachings became popular in different areas and gained a great following. He was referred to in different names, including son of God and son of David. The Gentiles and Jewish followers had different beliefs but all believed in the teachings and message of Jesus Christ. The difference in their cultural beliefs led to increasing division between the two groups. However, the teachings of Jesus continued to grow and attracted new followers.

Traditional Christians only believed in only one God and Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Today, there several branches of Christianity, which have different beliefs and practices. Major branches of Christianity include Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. These branches also feature other numerous sub-categories. Christianity teachings emphasize on the faith in Jesus as one of the primary aspect of religion. The Bible also exists in different forms, and it's the sacred book of Christianity.