Who Stabbed Caesar First?

The fatal blow to Julius Caesar was delivered by senator Servilius Casca on the day of Caesar's assassination. This assault was followed by the blows of several other senators leading to Caesar's death.

A conspiracy involving more than 60 noblemen arose to assassinate Julius Caesar. Cassius Longinus engineered the assassination, and Servilius Casca was involved, as was Caesar's so-called protégée Marcus Brutus. As Caesar entered the Roman senate, he dispatched his security force and was subsequently stabbed by other Roman senators, including Servilius Casca and Brutus, the latter of whom supposedly brought his knife to Caesar's groin. Upon Caesar's death, his adopted son, Octavian, was left in charge of Rome. He chased Cassius and Brutus down, and the men ultimately committed suicide when Octavian defeated them at the Battle of Philippi in Greece.