What Is St. Augustine Famous For?


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St. Augustine of Hippo is most famous for his conversion from a previous life that included partying, worldly ambitions and entertainment. He later became St. Augustine, the patron saint of brewers, and served as an inspiration to those struggling from habits or vices from which they wished to break free.

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St. Augustine is the son of St. Monica. He was born in Africa and spent much of his life living an unsaintly existence, despite his Christian upbringing and intelligence. He was often guilty of the sins of pride and impurity. The Catholic Church regards the prayers of his mother and the spiritual lessons of St. Ambrose in his conversion.

It is said that St. Augustine did not convert to Christianity right away, even after acknowledging that God was the one true god. However, he soon asked God for forgiveness of his sins and head a child singing a song with the lyrics, "Take up and read!" Believing that God intended the child's message for him, he began to read the Letters of St. Paul, particularly about pulling away from impurity and to live a Christ-like existence. He went on to become a Catholic writer, bishop and priest, and after his death, one of the most popular saints.

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