Who Sponsored Henry Hudson's Voyages?

The Muscovy Company, British East India Company and private donors sponsored Henry Hudson's voyages. The Muscovy Company provided funding for his first three voyages, while the British East India Company and private firms added financial contributions for Hudson's third and fourth voyages. Henry Hudson gained financial support from the Muscovy Company, a financial firm, after announcing his intention to find a shorter route to Asia and in turn give Europe greater access to the goods and services of the Asian markets.

Henry Hudson studied navigation and geography prior to his initial departure. His academic skills, combined with personality traits of confidence and determination, qualified Hudson for leading an expedition to the North Pole. Hudson secured funding from the Muscovy Company to set sail on an ambitious journey with 10 companions. Hudson and his crew never reached Asia, however; large ice blocks forced the sailors to return to England.

Still determined to reach Asia, Hudson secured funding from the Muscovy Company for a second voyage. However, the second attempt proved a failure as well. Hudson then applied for funding outside of England, and found financial backing from the Dutch East India Company for his third voyage. That time, Hudson reached the Northwest Passage. He returned to England for more money, provided yet again by the Dutch East India Company. Hudson embarked on a fourth and final journey, reaching the Hudson Bay and Eastern Canada.