What Are South Carolina Laws Regarding the Emancipation of Minors?

South Carolina does not have any laws specific to the emancipation of minors. There are, however, some laws within family and marriage law that apply to minors.

According to the state of South Carolina, the legal age of majority is 18. This is when children are considered adults and become independent from their parents if they so choose. The legal age to marry, however, is 16. If granted parental consent, a minor who has not yet reached the age of 18 can marry, thus being emancipated from his or her parents by nature of a marriage contract. There is also a law in South Carolina that permits the forced emancipation of minors who are 17 years of age if they have demonstrated a record of incorrigibility that would make it unreasonable for the parents to continue to be held responsible for their actions. There is also a law that permits minors who have reached the age of 16 to consent to their own health-care treatment and for such treatment to be administered without the permission of their parents. As in most states, minors are not permitted to enter into legal contracts in South Carolina. The exception to this are minors who take out school loans for higher education.