What Are Some Sources for Teaching Black History to Children?

What Are Some Sources for Teaching Black History to Children?

Education websites are the best sources for teaching African American history to children; the Library of Congress also has an extensive collection of material created by teachers using primary sources. The National Park Service has a section about African American history for Black History Month, using sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a backdrop for the lessons. Other sources include Education World's website and a comprehensive list of information for teachers available online from the University of Illinois in Urbana.

These resources include lesson plans and worksheets for kindergarten through 12th grade children. While the material is spread across a wide path of history, the lessons are ready to use in the classroom with aids to help teachers keep students engaged.

Education World has a Black History scavenger hunt for pupils with different levels of difficulty, starting in 4th grade. Students read clues and biographies of famous figures from African American history and match the individual to the clue.

The National Park Service has a comprehensive plan about Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic voting march from Selma to Montgomery, complete with maps, discussion questions and images of the march.

The Library of Congress has a lesson on baseball and race relations, focusing on Jackie Robinson but detailing African American history dating before WWII.