What Is Sitting Bull Famous For?

Sitting Bull is famous for leading the Sioux tribes in the fight against the U.S. authorities to survive on the North American Great Plains. Also referred to as Tatanka-Iyotanka, Sitting Bull was born in the Grand River Valley, what is now called South Dakota. He earned a great reputation as a warrior by the time he was 14 years old.

Sitting Bull killed his first buffalo when he was 10 years old and fought in a battle against a rival tribe when he was 14. This earned him the name Tatanka-Iyotanka; a Lakota name implying a buffalo bull sitting on its haunches. He fought many battles when the U.S. authorities were expanding the American nation. In 1865, he invaded the newly built Fort Rice, what is now known as North Dakota. His skills and bravery as a warrior enabled him to become the chief in 1868.

When gold was discovered in the hills, confrontations with the U.S. authorities escalated. The land where gold had been discovered was the sacred area of the Indians. Sitting Bull and his people decided to protect the land and the authorities declared war. He defeated the American soldiers in the Battle of the Rosebud and the Battle at Little Bighorn. When the U.S. army increased its size, Sitting Bull together with his people fled to Canada. He returned to Dakota in 1881, and he was shot dead by the Lakota police in 1890.