For What Is Sir Isaac Newton Famous?

Sir Isaac Newton receives recognition for his contribution to the sciences, particularly astronomy and physics as well as introducing thoughts and theories in the field of mathematics. Sir Isaac Newton was born in 1643 in England to a prominent farming family. Newton excelled in academics, especially the fields of math and science, and ultimately enrolled at Cambridge University in 1661 to study math, physics and astronomy.

Despite interruption of his studies by an outbreak of the plague in 1665, which forced Cambridge University to temporarily suspend courses, Newton returned home and continued studying academics on his own. He developed a keen interest in gravity, and ultimately returned to formal academics at Trinity College. While at Trinity College, Newton continued exploring the fields of physics and astronomy. He investigated the field of gravity further, and crafted a reflecting telescope in 1668. That invention brought Newton to the attention of prominent scientists. As a result, peers inducted Newton into the prestigious Royal Society as a fellow. Newton continued studying light at Trinity College, along with history and theology. Despite undertaking studies in multiple disciplines, Newton continued focusing on gravity and physics. With guidance and support from friend and astronomer Edmond Halley, Newton wrote and published "Mathematical Principals of Natural Philosophy," which described the application of gravity to all objects in the universe.