What Significant Event Started the American Revolution?


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There was not a single event that started the American Revolution, but a series of events including the Boston Massacre. A series of events over a period of years led up to this war.

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The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770, between British soldiers and the citizens of Boston. This event resulted in the deaths of five citizens and the wounding of several others. The massacre was the result of anger and resentment felt by the people of Boston for unfair taxation and representation. The riot was led by patriots, including Sam Adams and Paul Revere.

Another event that led up to the American Revolution was the Coercive Acts that were passed on March 28, 1774. The Acts were passed in retaliation of the Boston Tea Party. The Acts closed the Boston port which was vital to the economy of the city. It also prohibited town meetings and made British officials exempt from criminal prosecution. The Coercive Acts also dictated that citizens turn over the homes to British troops on demand and allowed Canadian Catholics to freely worship. The Acts infuriated the people and was an important event leading up to the war. Other events leading up to the American Revolution included the Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Colonial boycott and Townshend Acts.

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