What Should You Do With Your Invention Idea?


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Invention ideas should be documented and outlined as to how the invention works and benefits potential consumers. The next step is to patent the idea to prevent someone from stealing the invention idea. A prototype of the invention should be compiled to eventually market the idea.

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The invention idea should also be researched to aid with obtaining a patent. Inventors can search on the government patent site to ensure the invention has not already been created or patented. The market should also be researched to gauge the usefulness of the product or service. Inventors can research the target market and investigate if consumers would be interested in buying the invention. Research may also help inventors to size up the competition to prepare for marketing of the invention.

Before patenting the invention, a model or prototype needs to be created. A prototype can include a drawing or sketch of the product, a 3-D model of the design or a report outlining the idea. Filling a patent is one of the final steps to protect the invention. Inventors can choose from a utility patent, which covers machines or processes, or a design patent, which applies to new designs. The inventor should complete the patent application and may even opt to have a patent attorney review the materials before submitting. Once the invention idea is patented, inventors can begin marketing the product or design.

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