What Is a Short Summary of Julius Caesar's Life?

Julius Caesar was a 1st Century BC Roman politician, general and statesman. When he was still in his 20s, in 55 BC, he became the first Roman military commander to invade England. In 65 BC, he received his first political appointment, and in 45 BC he took control of Rome as Emperor. In 44 BC, he was murdered by fellow politicians who feared the amount of power he had come to hold.

Caesar made a name for himself early on while still in the military, gaining a reputation as a brave soldier and good leader of men. However, he was ambitious and wanted to make a name for himself in politics. In 65 BC, he was put in charge of public entertainment in Rome, and in 58 BC he was made governor of Gaul. He commanded an army of 50,000 men who were loyal only to him, and he used this private force to kill his enemies in Rome and abroad. In 45 BC, he was named emperor, and ruled Rome as essentially a dictator until his death.

Though Julius Caesar is best known today as a brilliant leader and politician, this was not the case in his own time. Caesar's contemporaries were more likely to think of him as a tyrant than a fair ruler.