What Are Some Facts About the Shasta Indian Tribe?

The Shasta Nation resided in the northern part of California. The nation consisted of five tribal groups, including the Atsugewi and Achomawi tribes.

The Shasta Nation also consisted of the Wintu, Yana and Okwanuchu tribes. The tribes spoke different languages. The Okwanuchus and Yanas shared the Hokan language, while the remaining groups shared the Penutian language. The Shasta Nation's diet consisted of foods that were indigenous to the area, such as small animals like crawfish and turtles. The tribes also farmed and used techniques such as thinning tobacco crops. The clothing worn by the tribal members were made from deerskins and raccoon skins.

Housing for tribal members consisted of lodges that were made of bark, grasses, and brush. A lodge could house up to 150 tribal members. To ensure there was access to fish and water, lodges were usually built near a creek or river. The Shasta had several enemies including the Klamaths and Modocs. As with other Native American tribes, the Shasta relied on bows and arrows to protect themselves. Bartering was also part of living in a tribe. Members traded supplies such as pine nuts and hides for more staples and expensive items that were more difficult to procure like clam shells.