Who Said "the War to End All Wars"?

said-war-end-wars Credit: Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Former President of the United States Woodrow Wilson is the person responsible for saying "the war to end all wars." Ironically, while Wilson used this phrase to refer to World War I, World War II began just two decades later.

As Jim Garamon explains in an article for the American Foreign Press Service, Wilson kept the United States out of the war and was re-elected in 1916; however, the U. S. Congress declared war in 1917 after Germany instituted unrestricted submarine warfare. U.S. troops arrived in France in June 1917 and faced a German attack before they even had a chance to mobilize completely. In 1918, from May to the Armistice in November, over 50,000 American troops lost their lives. Disease took the lives of other soldiers, and in totality throughout the whole war, there were over 113,000 American casualties.