Who Was the Ruler of Athens During Its Golden Age?

Pericles was the rule of Athens during its golden age. His leadership also helped to bring decades of war to Greece.

The golden age is the period lasting from 449 to 431 B.C. in which the Persians and Peloponnesians were at peace. During the golden age, the military and foreign affairs were overseen by officials elected by the people. The officials were generals who were responsible for military planning and diplomacy.

Pericles, considered a great orator, was responsible for political reform during this period. He wanted to allow Athenians who were not wealthy to hold government positions, which was a departure from previous policies.

During the golden age, the cultural arts flourished. The sculpture and architecture during that period emphasized perfection and quantity. Most of the elements were religious in nature and featured heavy ornamentation.

Pericles played a major role in the development of theater in the golden age. He decreed that the wealthier families in Athens would help to pay for the theater by financially supporting the actors and choruses. Philosophers, such as Socrates, were revered during this period. Pericles spent a great deal of time with philosophers and offered many support. Unfortunately, the foreign policies of Pericles were not as popular and led to resentment from other nations.