What Was the Route of the Voyage of Jacques Cartier?

Explorer Jacques Cartier took three voyages to present day North America during his exploration of Canada. His first trip, which began on April 20, 1534, took him from France to the west coast of Newfoundland where he found Prince Edward Island. During his second trip, in May of 1535, he sailed down the St. Lawrence and founded Quebec and Montreal. His third trip returned him to Quebec in May of 1541.

Cartier earned the trust of King Charles I due to his trips to Brazil. He sailed with two ships and 61 men, spending three weeks to make the trip across the Atlantic. After discovering Prince Edward Island, he sailed through Gulf of St. Lawrence and returned to France.

For his second voyage, the king gave Cartier three ships and 110 men. Cartier got as far down the St. Lawrence as Montreal before winter forced him to stop. Due to deteriorating relations with the Iroquois Indians in the area, Cartier quickly returned back to France.

The king gave Cartier five ships and tasked him with setting up a colony in Quebec for the final voyage. Cartier, however, left Quebec before the colonists arrived with what he thought were gold and diamonds. These proved to be worthless and France lost interest in colonizing the area.