What Roman Inventions Are Still Used Today?

roman-inventions-still-used-today Credit: Roger T. Schmidt/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Many Roman inventions, including roads, aqueducts, sewers, cement and the Julian calendar, still see use around the world today. Roman inventions ranged from small creations to large-scale inventions like heavy infrastructure. The inventions of Romans ultimately connected the Roman Empire to Europe, and facilitated its expansion.

Historians consider many Roman inventions important. Among the many notable Roman creations, roads stand out. Romans pioneered construction of paved roads, eventually building highways long enough to reach other countries in Europe, including Great Britain. By the year 200 A.D., Roman roads reached Egypt, too, and ran throughout the capital city itself. Standard roads spanned 8 feet in width and enabled the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

Romans also focused on centralized infrastructure, including building commercial establishments and government buildings. To create solid structures, Romans developed a formula for concrete, and used the sturdy material for foundations and construction of exterior walls. While concrete formed the external skeletons of buildings, Romans added aesthetic enhancements with arches, which provided support and visual attraction to bridges and buildings.

The inventions that helped Romans spread to other European cities as well, including sewers and aqueducts. Roman inventions ultimately had a substantial impact on the surrounding European continent, and facilitated trade, commerce and travel.