Who Was the Roman Counterpart to the Greek Goddess Athena?

roman-counterpart-greek-goddess-athena Credit: CALLE MONTES/Photononstop/Getty Images

The Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Athena was Minerva. Famous for her keen wit and wisdom, she is the patron goddess of arts and crafts.

. Athena is venerated as a skilled war-time strategist, although she did not like or engage in violence herself. Although the goddess Athena/Minerva traditionally is depicted dressed in armor and equipped for battle, her role in mankind's development was one of peace. The ancient Greeks and Romans credited the goddess with teaching mankind the essential skills of sewing, weaving, agriculture and metallurgy. Her clothing reflects her passion for helping and protecting the warriors who defended Athens, the city that bears her name. Sometimes called "Athena Nike," or Athena the Victorious, she was believed to be responsible for Athens' victory in the Persian War.