What Are Some Facts About the Roaring Twenties?

What Are Some Facts About the Roaring Twenties?

The Roaring Twenties was a period in U.S. history from 1920 to 1929 that featured many changes for both the country and its citizens. The addition of the automobile and radio gave Americans freedom and access to more information than ever before.

With Americans able to drive, a new economy built up including gas stations, motels and other travel-related industries. This newfound freedom was also heard in the music of the day, jazz. Sometimes coined as the Jazz Age, the twenties featured an advent of popular music over the radio and through the sales of phonograph records.

In 1920 women gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment. Additionally, more women became part of the workforce and saw their responsibilities at home eased with the advent of appliances such as the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner. Women's rights further expanded with increased availability of birth control devices.

Throughout the decade there was a prohibition on alcohol due to the 18th Amendment ratified in 1919. The alcohol trade went underground but alcohol consumption continued.

Finally, due to work being available in the North and a need to remove themselves from the tensions of the South, black Americans moved into northern cities and states and black culture followed. This migration caused tensions among white Americans in the north leading some citizens in states such as Illinois and Indiana to join the Ku Klux Klan.