What Revolution Took Place During the Neolithic Age?

The revolution that took place during the Neolithic Age is called the Neolithic Revolution. This is also known as the Agricultural Revolution.

The Neolithic Revolution was a world-wide transition from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to one of agriculture. Humans settled in permanent communities around 12,000 years ago and began finding ways to cultivate food.

Farming found a permanent part in humans' lives during the Neolithic Revolution. People didn't go hungry because they could grow their food, and they didn't have to move around all over the place anymore. At the beginning, barley and wheat were the two products most often grown. During this time period, people learned to make pottery to use for things like lamps and pots for storing food.

The Neolithic Revolution is also responsible for creating irrigation systems, deforestation techniques and trading economies. Unlike other revolutions, the Neolithic Revolution got its name not due to violence, but because it was a time of great change in human history.

The Neolithic Revolution began from 10,000 to 8,000 BC. During this time, many species of plants and animals were domesticated, and although many areas in the world took part in the Revolution, the movement was not linear and only affected certain regions at a time.