What Restriction Did Spain Place on American Trade?

Spain placed a restriction on American trade when they closed the Mississippi River to all American commerce in 1784, which made it difficult for American farmers to move their goods to international markets. Spain would allow Americans to use the river eventually, but forced them to pay a tariff for the privilege, which made it difficult for American commerce owners to sell their products at a competitive price.

The Spanish went even further and made agreements with the local Indians to keep them from trading with Americans, which made it difficult for Americans to get necessary goods as well as trade manufactured goods. This created an economic crisis when in the same period, the British also restricted trade. The French demanded that America begin repaying her for the debts from the Revolutionary War.

Spain seemed determine to make America its enemy and to let the new country know that it did not have an ally in Spain, according to the History Channel. Fort Natchez, which Spain had taken during the war, was sitting firmly on American soil yet Spain would not give it back to the Americans. While Spain did not provide any other additional trade restrictions, they did win back the Gulf Coast region and the Florida region where they had a threatening presence.