Who Rejected Wilson's Fourteen Points Plan?

rejected-wilson-s-fourteen-points-plan Credit: Photo 12/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Leaders such as David Lloyd George of Great Britain, Vittorio Orlando of Italy and Georges Clemenceau of France rejected Wilson's Fourteen Points plan. These leaders were skeptical of Wilson's idealism.

George and Clemenceau approved the idea of the League of Nations to appease Wilson after rejecting his Fourteen Points plan. George's government was largely supportive of the plan. However, representatives wanted a war reparations provision in the treaty, and they rejected the point about freedom of the seas.

Wilson fell ill during the Paris Peace Conference, and Clemenceau spearheaded ideas that were vastly different from the Fourteen Points that Germany originally agreed to during negotiations. The end result was a treaty that pleased no one, and the treaty proved to be a burden on Germany, which laid the groundwork for World War II.