How Do You Find Records From World War II Prisoners?


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The easiest way to find records of World War II prisoners is to perform a search of The National Archives. The National Archives provides a tool called the Access to Archival Databases, which allows users to search for a variety of historical records.

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The Access to Archival Databases tool shows one document that has information regarding World War II prisoners of war, as of April 2015. This document was created between 1942 and 1947, and it documents all known prisoners of war between December 7, 1941 and November 19, 1946. It also includes information on internees of allied nations. Information in this document was obtained using reports that were created by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Individuals looking to view records of World War II prisoners can do so on the official website for the National Archives, or at the National Archives at College Park location. The National Archives can also be reached via the toll-free phone number. Currently, the World War II Prisoners of War Data File is free to view.

Additional options for finding information on World War II prisoners including performing a search on sites such as Family Search or Ancestry. However, these sites tend to require a fee for information.

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