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According to an article published in the Whiteout Press, the original people to discover the Americas were the Clovis people, who arrived on these landmasses thousands of years before European naval explorers. They crossed the Bering Strait land bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska and traveled south to the New Mexico region. These people later became the native Americans and were the basis for many other cultures.

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The Clovis people are accepted as the first inhabitants of the Americas due to an overwhelming lack of evidence of pre-Clovis cultures. This culture is believed to have spread into South America and is the root of the more well-known American cultures people with which people are familiar, such as the Aztecs and the Cherokee.

A common misconception is that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas when his actual contribution was being one of the forerunners of colonization of these continents from European countries. His voyages led him to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean where he sailed along the eastern coasts of these landmasses to survey and chart them. Later, colonists and traders moved to the Americas, irrevocably changing the cultures of the original American people by introducing Christian culture and foreign traditions.

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