How Do You Read Morse Code?


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To read Morse code, you must understand the sequence of dots and dashes that make up each letter. Morse code transmits textual information in a series of dots and dashes.

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  1. Familiarize yourself with Morse code

    Find a Morse code key online or in a reference book. Familiarize yourself with the sequences of dashes and dots that make up each letter, number and symbol.

  2. Note common letters and phrases

    Some letters and phrases in Morse code are common and easy to recognize. For example, the distress signal "SOS" is indicated by three dashes, three dots and three dashes. Remembering common letters and phrases makes it easier to learn Morse code and read it quickly.

  3. Practice reading simple Morse code messages

    Using a Morse code key for guidance, practice decoding simple messages. As you become more familiar and comfortable with the code, try reading the messages without the guide until you can comfortably translate messages without it.

  4. Apply your knowledge

    Morse code is most commonly transmitted through sound or light signals. Instead of simply reading Morse code as printed text, practice decoding audio or light messages. Begin by referencing the Morse code key, if necessary, then try reading the messages without the key.

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