What Is Ragnarok?


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Ragnarök is a theoretical event described in Norse mythology, and according to this belief system, it is similar to an apocalypse but doesn't involve the complete destruction of everything in existence; instead, Ragnarök mostly relates to the destruction and death of the Norse mythological pantheon of gods. According to the myth of Ragnarök, gods such as Thor and Odin will die, and the Earth of the human realm will face natural disasters and widespread, devastating flooding. Though human and animal life is supposed to be mostly wiped out as a result of this event, this can be seen as a death before a rebirth process in which two remaining people will repopulate a renewed Earth.

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What Is Ragnarok?
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This is not to say that Ragnarök is not supposed to be an event to be feared in the same way that other religious faiths are concerned about the possibility of their world-ending narratives. Ragnarök is described as being a period of hellish conditions on Earth, with widespread violence and natural disasters wiping out much of humanity. The gods and goddesses of the Aesir will also have to contend with violence and death, which is part of what makes the Ragnarök narrative so fearsome.

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