Where Was the Radio Invented?


There is no singular place where radio was invented because its creation was based on work by Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Heinrich Hertz and Mahlon Loomis. Marconi gets much of the credit for the radio, but his work was partly based on Tesla’s work.

Hertz, a German, discovered a way to send and receive radio signals. The unit that measures their frequency was named after him. Loomis, an American, pioneered wireless communication using kites. Working in America, Tesla created coils he used to transmit radio signals, but his research was delayed due to a fire in his lab in 1895. That setback allowed Marconi to patent his work on the radio in England before Tesla could do so in the United States. Marconi used Tesla’s oscillator in his early demonstrations of the radio, and he eventually won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909.