Where Was Pythagoras Educated?

pythagoras-educated Credit: Photo 12/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Pythagoras was educated in Tyre, Samos and Miletus, which is present-day Syria and Asia Minor, as well as Egypt. He later founded his own mystery school in Croton, which is southern Italy.

As a youth on the island of Samos, Pythagoras's early education largely included learning to play the lyre and reciting poetry from authors like Homer. He is also thought to have been educated by Chaldaeans and wise Syrians during travels with his father to Tyre.

His principal teachers as a young man are considered to be the philosophers Pherekydes, Thales and Anaximander, the latter two being a teacher and student living on Miletus.

In around 535 B.C., Pythagoras studied in Egypt at the temple of Diospolis, or ancient Thebes, now modern-day Luxor.