What Was the Purpose of the Pan African Movement?

The purpose of the Pan African Movement was to establish independence among African Nations and promote unity among all black people in the world. The Pan African Movement began in the 19th century but was strengthened by several conferences held in London between 1900 and 1923. The movement gave birth to Organization of African Union in 1963 which later changed its name to African Union.

Pan Africanism means that all people of an African descent share common interests and, therefore, must be united. In history, the Pan African Movement has taken the shape of a cultural or political movement. The primary vision of Pan-Africanism was creating a unified African nation where all Africans in the Diaspora can live. African Diaspora refers to Africans scattered from their ancestral homes to different parts of the world. Pan Africans ideally means that all people of African descent share interests and therefore must be united and celebrated.

The early Pan-African members include Martin Delany, Edward Blyden and Alexander Crummell. They emphasized the commonalities between Africans and the black Americans. They believed that black people could not develop alongside whites and therefore advocated the creation of a black nation. They thought that Africa was the best place to stay. The Pan African movement of the later years helped many African nations gain independence from the colonialists.