What Is Postmodern Feminism?

Postmodern feminism is the modern branch of feminism that strives for equality for all genders. It is intersectional, which means that it fights for race and sexuality as well as on the basis of gender. It is often confused with ideas of feminism from the past, which are often perceived as detrimental to the movement.

Postmodern feminism seeks to right a lot of the wrongs that old feminism set up. A lot of people think of feminism as a very liberal bad idea that seeks to elevate women above men, but the truth of postmodern feminism is that it is simply striving for equality.

The advent of intersectionality is an addition to the old tenants of feminism, which focused solely on white women of a certain class. This newer way of thinking includes any women in need, whether or not she was born biologically a woman and regardless of race or class.

Postmodern feminism also focuses on survival and health as opposed to bonding through shared victimhood. It encourages women to work through problems in a progressive way and unite instead of separating and bonding only through their pains and faults. Compared to older feminism, it is a much healthier movement for women.