What Was Popular in 1974?


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Some of the things that were popular in 1974 included Lego blocks, nude beaches and Mel Brooks' movies. During that time, materialistic goods that were traditionally known as luxury items became more affordable for the common man and things such as international travel became more conceivable for those outside the upper-class bracket.

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Family and group holiday packages began to enter the market place and made international travel easier to plan and finance. In terms of fashion, especially in the U.K., it became more common to see streakers at sporting events and nude beaches picked up in popularity.

"Blazing Saddles," directed by Mel Brooks, and "Return of the Pink Panther," were two movies that set the year apart from those that preceded and succeeded it. "Porridge," "It Ain't Half Hot Mom" and "Bagpuss" were three popular television shows at the time.

Many of the toys used in 1974 are still popularly purchased today. Though invented approximately 40 years earlier, Lego blocks were named Toy of the Year. Magna Doodle was created in 1974, and as the first dustless chalkboard, it became a great magnetic alternative to the formerly messy form of writing. It is said that over 40 million have been sold as of 2014.

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