Was Pocahontas Real?


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Pocahontas was a real Powhatan Native American princess who later married John Rolfe, at which time she became known as Rebecca Rolfe. She is famous for helping the English colonists who settled in Virginia in the early 1600s.

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The year of her birth is unconfirmed but estimated to be around 1595. Early on, she became friends with Captain John Smith, whose life she is credited with saving, though actual events are unclear. After Captain Smith returned to England, Pocahontas was told he had died. Soon thereafter, she met John Rolfe in Jamestown, and she married him in 1614. The two had a son, Thomas, the following year. The family traveled to England, where Pocahontas was reunited with Captain Smith. She became ill on the trip, however, and died in 1617.

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