How Do People Come up With Invention Ideas?


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People create inventions through a process of brainstorming on problems and seeking solutions for them. When they approach the problems, they use flexible thinking to try to find unconventional solutions. These solutions may be reached after numerous failures, sometimes requiring a great deal of experimentation and critical thinking. Inventors use thinking exercises to hone their ability to find solutions, such as thinking of as many uses for an everyday object as possible in a short time span.

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Some inventors say that the best way to create many inventions is to be observant, to have a lot of ideas and to be persistent. An observant person may discover that something needs improvement in her everyday life. If that person has a lot of ideas, she is able to find unorthodox solutions more easily. If that person is confident and persistent, she is able to endure the failures that come from the bad ideas until she comes up with an idea that works.

Aspiring inventors write down their ideas as they arise and constantly work on their thinking abilities by inspecting the world around them. Sometimes, inventors require funding, typically in the form of grants and private backers, if problems require large solutions.

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