Why Was Pancho Villa Important?

Pancho Villa, or General Francisco Villa, was a military leader of the Mexican Revolution. He was an uneducated bandit and thief, but his military prowess allowed him to build up an effective army.

Villa, known as the "Centaur of the North," was a skillful gunfighter who built up a successful guerrilla army that evolved into the División del Norte. His battles were often photographed and videotaped by Hollywood.

At the battle of Ojinaga, his army defeated dictatorial Mexican President Huerta's army and pushed them into Texas. He also secured victory at the Battle for Terreon. At Zacatecas, the bloodiest battle, Villa's troops defeated Huerta's army again. He also attacked New Mexico after the United States withdrew their support. In retaliation, U.S. troops were sent in to search for Villa, but he was never captured. Villa was assassinated in 1923.