What Is Pancho Villa Famous For?

Pancho Villa is famous for being a revolutionary leader during the Mexican Revolution of the early 20th century. Although called Pancho Villa, his real name was Dorotheo Arango, and he was born in 1878 in Mexico. He changed his birth name after he killed a man who attacked his sister.

He became a fugitive and bandit after this incident. In 1909, Pancho Villa participated in Francisco Madero's uprising against Porfirio Diaz, a Mexican president who was a dictator. After succeeding in disposing of Diaz, Madero became president. However, Victoriano Huerta overthrew Madero in 1912. In response to this reversal, Pancho Villa fled and later formed an army that was able to overthrow Huerta.

Pancho Villa is so well-known because he had a contract with a Hollywood film company that filmed many of his battles. In 1923, he was assassinated.