What Are Some Paleo Indian Artifacts?


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Stone projectile points are among the most common artifacts found from the time of the Paleo Indians. These projectile points were beautifully carved and attached into the ends of spear shafts.

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The "Clovis" and "Folsom" projectile point styles are common Paleo Indian artifacts. They each have a wide central groove known as a flute. The flute on the Clovis points is shorter than the flute on the Folsom points. The Clovis points were created before the Folsom points during the Paleo Indian period.

The Clovis points are found all across the North American continent near mammoth remains. The Folsom points are found more in the central and western parts of the continent and often near bison remains. The materials used to create both the Clovis and Folsom points were extremely high-quality. Folsom points are considered to be some of the finest tools ever created by some archaeologists.

Many other artifacts of the Paleo Indian period were made of materials such as bone, animal hide and plant fibers. Some of these less-durable artifacts have been found in protected sites, such as caves that the Paleo Indians used. These perishable artifacts include moccasins, fiber sandals, fur robes, bags and other everyday items used by the Paleo Indians.

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