What Is the Oldest Country in the World?

The exact oldest country in the world is difficult to determine; however, three countries are typically listed as being among the oldest countries: China, Japan and San Marino. While many empires existed in ancient times, such as Rome, Egypt and Iran, their societies were not equivalent to the modern definition of an independent country.

China considers 221 B.C. as the year of the founding of their modern country. In this year, Qin Shi Huang became China’s first Emperor. The People’s Republic of China was formed in 1949.

Emperor Jimmu founded Japan in 660 B.C., and Japanese culture spread throughout the region in the 8th century. the modern country of Japan developed in the 19th century.

San Marino was founded on September 3, 301 A.D. The country has the world’s oldest constitution, which was written in 1600. San Marino was recognized by the Pope as an independent country in 1631.