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Born Sept. 8, 1954, Ruby Bridges turned 61 years old in 2015. Bridges gained national notoriety in 1960 when she became the first African-American student to integrate the previously all-white William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans.

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On Nov. 14, 1960, Bridges and her mother turned up at Frantz Elementary for her first day of first grade, surrounded by four federal marshals. Crowds gathered outside of the school to protest the school's integration and harass Bridges, including one woman who carried a black baby doll in a coffin. During her first year at Frantz, Bridges learned in a classroom alone as no other parents wanted their children in an integrated classroom and only one of the school's teachers consented to teaching her. Because of their decision to send Ruby to Frantz Elementary, Albon Bridges, Ruby's father, lost his job and the local grocery store told Lucille, her mother, that she could not continue to patronize the store. Bridges' grandparents were even evicted from the farm on which they were sharecroppers.

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