What Is the Official Comanche Government?


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The official Comanche government is set forth in its constitution and consists of a tribal council headed by elected officials. The Comanche government is headquartered in Lawton, Oklahoma as of 2015. The Comanche Constitution of 1967 is the source of all government authority. The Constitution establishes a Tribal Council as the supreme governing body of the Comanche Nation. The Tribal Council consists of all members of the Comanche Nation who are 18 years of age or older.

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Tribal membership requires at least a 1/8 blood quantum or one great-grandparent who was full-blooded Comanche. The Constitution requires the Tribal Council to meet at least once annually or when requested under certain conditions. The government operates on a democratic basis with matters voted upon by all eligible Tribal Council members. A minimum of 150 voters is required to form a quorum.

The Council elects the Chairman, Vice Chairman and four other officials who jointly form the Comanche Business Committee, or C.B.C. The C.B.C. meets monthly to handle tribal affairs. The Constitution also permits the Tribal Council to hire or appoint a manager or administrator to administer tribal government under the direction of the C.B.C.

The C.B.C. is responsible for the business activities of the tribe and has established a housing authority and a department of higher education that awards scholarships and financial aid to members; it also established the Comanche Nation College in Lawton. The tribe operates a chain of smoke shops and four casinos as of November 2015.

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