What Occupations Were There in Ancient Mesopotamia?

The primary jobs in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia were based on the agrarian nature of the society. Most Mesopotamian citizens raised and tended crops or livestock. There were also other jobs available, such as weavers, artisans, healers, teachers, and priests or priestesses.

Both men and women held jobs in Mesopotamian society. In ancient Mesopotamia, women had many of the same rights as men and could hold the same types of jobs. Male and female citizens not only farmed and raised livestock, but also held jobs as potters, shoemakers, builders and fishermen. Women played a vital role in the workforce. It is believed that women were actually the first to brew beer and wine, and they were also early healers. These occupations only became male-dominated later after it was discovered how profitable these occupations were. Mesopotamia also had a large army, and many of the male citizens took positions as soldiers working in the palace for the king.

All members of the society held different jobs as a means to provide for themselves and their families, as well as due to a belief that everyone in the society needed to work together for the greater good and to please their ruling deities.