How Do You Obtain WWII Military Records?

How Do You Obtain WWII Military Records?

To obtain World War II military records, visit the website for the National Archives, and conduct a search. You need a computer or tablet with an Internet connection. The estimated time for completion is under 5 minutes.

  1. Locate the search tool

    On the National Archives World War II military records web page, scroll down to the link for searching World War II electronic records. The page links to the "Access to Archival Databases" page.

  2. Conduct a search

    Type a name into the search field and click Search. The results page lists the number of records and the number of broad categories, referred to as "series." Listings are in order by the number of records located in the archive. The database includes more than 8.7 million records, as of 2014. If a query locates more than 1,000 records, narrow the search in order to sort records.

  3. Review a document

    Choose a document in the list to view, and click on it. Records relating to individual service members include their serial number, full name, civilian occupation, state and county of residence, the place and date of enlistment, and the year of birth. Click on View Record to see additional information, including military rank, education and marital status.